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How hip-hop and fashion struggle with masculinity

Men's fashion has been the continuous shadow of women's fashion for centuries. The stereotypes of men and fashion are smart, intelligent and practical rather than that of women which are considered decorative, impractical and pretty.

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R&B Isn’t Dead; You Just Have To Know Where To Find It

R&B isn’t dead, but it has changed over the years. Looking back on R&B over the past two decades, I can see why some may say it’s dying out, but I refuse to believe it. The music scene is constantly evolving, and R&B is no exception. Agreed, R&B may not be in its prime like it was back in the ’90s, but it’s a genre that still has so much to offer and will continue to do so.

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Usher and Ella Mai Get One Last Party In Before Quarantine In “Don’t Waste My Time” Video

Photo Credit: Chris Parsons

This all feels so weird. You know - stay home, don't meet with friends, no more parties on the weekend. But surely Usher has saved us from the discomfort of not going out by giving us access to his very own house party in his new music video for "Don't Waste My Time". Just the other night, Usher connected with Ella Mai live on Instagram for the fans and kicked it over a conversation. With Usher broadcasting out of his LA home and Ella Mai from hers, it definitely felt like the R&B stars were speaking from one room thanks to the genuine chemistry they share.

They made the most of their time in quarantine by jumping straight in to IG, touching on their newly released single and video. R&B fans all over the world will know, when they hear "Y'all know what this is" on any intro of a song - that record has been cut by none other than So So Def veteran and producer extraordinaire - Jermaine Dupri.

Sharing his experience on the video shoot and speaking about the visuals, Usher expressed, “The chemistry and energy got brighter at the end of the video.” Discussing the recording process for the single, Usher admitted this is the first time Usher has been in the studio with another artist on any duet song. Ella Mai said “Wait, don’t tell me that you and Alicia Keys were not in the studio together”, referring to Usher and Alicia Keys 2004 hit duet record "My Boo" off the Confessions album.

This is the first official single from Usher but has given us sneak previews of songs he's been working on in the studio with Jermaine Dupri. They've both teased fans by expressing the possibility of a "Confessions 2" album, which you can imagine people going crazy over as it's been almost 14 years since the first instalment. Usher last collaborated with producer Zaytoven on a project titled "A" - paying homage to Atlanta where he resided and spent most of his life calling home.

The video to his new record is simply a get together with friends, one big celebration and boasts appearances from a long list of familiar guests. To name a few, you'll catch Snoop Dogg serving up treats in the kitchen, P Diddy's sons Christian 'King' Combs and Justin Combs doing their thing on the floor and of course Ella Mai adding some sauce.

We're not quite sure when the King of R&B will be back with more music for the soul, but for now - check out the video below to join his party.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kanye West’s New Album ‘’Ye’’.

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