Our mission is simple - to deliver hip-hop culture and shift perspectives through innovative journalism. We want this to translate into a community where we connect readers and audiences from both ends of the spectrum and everyone in-between. 

When the pandemic hit, it allowed for a lot of time to reflect to understand where the platform was at that moment and where it needed to be. It became our mission to create a brand that's as timeless as it is versatile.

In recent months, we've worked tirelessly to get to this point. We started with a brand workshop, diving into what Culture Shift stands for, what it represents, and who our audience is.

We then designed and created a prototype for our new logo and a mobile-first site which we tested out on a real sample audience over several weeks. The feedback helped us shape the brand, the look and feel of the site, and the content.

Finally, we went to work and revamped our site, focusing on content strategy to ensure consistency and tone of voice, all whilst growing our talent pool - carefully hiring more writers who have the Culture Shift DNA.

As we've worked hard to enhance the Culture Shift experience, it's time to welcome you to the tribe.



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