Hip-Hop, football and fashion all in one. We introduce to you, Killa Villa.

FC Killa Villa is a brand you need in your closet, particularly if you're a 90s hip-hop head with a love for football. Killa Villa are a football collective and creative community who combine some of your favourite old school hip-hop artists and their classic albums on fresh football fabrics.

Established in 2016, the London-based brand have successfully showcase definitive figures in hip-hop culture through sport and lifestyle. There has been a huge rise in concept kits over the years as more and more brands partner together to create unique pieces. Through all of that, Killa Villa have been able to deliver something special by bringing back monumental moments in hip-hop, all to be relived through lifestyle products.

The collection of shirts have so far included a Nas x Jay Z inspired '1994 Dead Presidents' edition, as well as a 'Long Beach' piece to show respect for West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg. And if that's not enough, the coldest release being the 'Cream and Nike' collaboration which represents none other than Staten Island's very own Wu-Tang Clan - symbolising their most recognised song C.R.E.A.M.

The kits are in collaboration with some of the most renowned lifestyle brands we're all familiar with such as Nike, Adidas and Puma - guaranteeing quality in the fabrics themselves. The crests on each shirt have incredible amounts of detail in them which bring the apparel to life.

Find out more about Killa Villa and their collection at www.fckillavilla.com and be sure to follow them on Instagram at @_killa_villa.