Not only is Drake artist of the decade but also our heartbreak hero. Listening through his anthems on a long car journey made us feel like we were the heartbroken ones in the music video. Aside from teaching us what heartbreak is, he also taught us what love is. The love we have for this man for being that absent parent, our therapist and the one who told us what we needed when we needed it can never be repaid. 

We’ve watched his journey, felt his pain, laughed now cried later and alongside giving us great hits he has given us great advice. Not only is he humble by nature (just look at the Gods Plan music video) but by his heart. Drakes ventures beyond music have created unforgiving opportunities and opened doors that were sealed tightly shut. From creating the OVO music label to funding and supporting British TV show, ‘Top Boy,’ and giving us talent like Weeknd, the list is longer than all our arms put together. Without a doubt, the musician, TV producer and entrepreneur has helped shape hip-hop culture as it is today as we all given us these 5 key life lessons.

Family Above All

Photo Credits: Billboard 2020

After telling the world about his ‘hidden child’, Adonis, on his 2018 album ‘Scorpion’ Drake has since voiced his experience on the love and struggles of his own family. Growing up in a split household himself, Drake's lyrics often relate to the struggles of split and single parents. And from a Female Gen Z perspective, his lyrics are seemingly filled with regret, understanding, and hurt when it comes to family. These are struggles not only his listeners and fans understand but feel. His music acts as an escape to reality and gives a medium of expression and acknowledgment.

Giving Back & Going Beyond

I just love how Drake's lyrics are relatable yet his actions speak volumes louder. From donating to less fortunate single parents and low income families in his God Plan music video, it's easy to see Drake's kind heart and open passion when it comes to giving to others. But what his lyrics do is beyond what money can buy. He has provided me with advice, that extra shove and love when I've needed it the most and I'm sure most can relate. His lyrical genius (although controversially questionable) brings that therapy session feel.

After falling deeply in love with Top Boy season 1 and hearing the news of the show's lack of funding he took it upon himself to take action. He is now part of the Executive Producing team of the show and after a talk with Netflix LA, the show's viewership was growing beyond ever anticipated. His passion for creating beyond music is undeniable and even helps develop new talent, such as ‘Top Boy’ Season 3 lead,  Micheal Ward, who won a  BAFTA at just 20 years old following this role. Teaching us to give back is one of Drake's best qualities and his love for life really shines through his love for others. 

Be Positively Open

He is known to be the Lover Boy of Toronto and alongside his for the likes of me and you comes love for his peers. His lack of confrontation amongst other rappers has meant Drake lacks a little in the diss track department. However certain situations like Chris Brown bruised his personality a little.  Their friendship first came to threads over RiRi and then escalated over a few dumb tweets. But despite that their musical relation has been stronger and hits like ‘No Guidance’ had given them something positive from the negative situation, yet  it's still hard to ignore their past. Even beef between Drake and Pusha T led to great things.

After pressuring Drake about not publicly claiming his son, Drake decided to dedicate a well written and amazing song on his album to explaining the situation. Out of this feud also came the odd cute Instagram story of Adonis shooting hoops, but will Drake ever forgive Pusha?

As Drake mentioned in his Rap Radar with Elliott Wilson beef is “out of character” leaving the question of forgiveness open-ended. The artist's overall position and character open up possibilities for influence and holds Drake to that role model figure. He has not only taught us to love ourselves no matter what but also love each other regardless of the past.

Conquer & Understand How You Feel

Drake is often perceived as the softer rapper as his music repeatedly deals with feelings, heartbreak and stories rather than the typical violent stereotype of rap. From rapping about how his parents broke his heart to evenings at the Cheesecake Factory, his sound is the spine for the ultimate heartbreak playlist and it's easy to understand why he is the king of heartbreak anthems. Even in several music videos like ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’ and ‘Take Care’ his passionate side really shines through (not surprising considering his acting past). His open and emotional personality is different from the rest in the game. Hard face, hard-nosed and lack of openness is the checklist of a rapper and Drake definitely misses these.

Although when need be he has stood up, his nurture-like personality makes his casanova image perfect for his heartbreak anthems. And in a recent Rap Radar interview with Elliott Wilson, Drake expressed his overall public figure teaches us to be open to opportunities, feelings, and emotions and to never doubt how we feel.

Heartbreak Doesn't Last Forever

Despite his hard upbringing and struggles of his own Drake has always been openly honest about being in love. Whether it be with family, his son or partners the artist knows what heartbreak feels like. In his song 'Doing It Wrong’ the open line reads: “When a good thing goes bad it's not the end of the world, it’s just the end of a world” 
It gives me hope of moving on and moving forward. Being open with us not only makes him relatable, but likeable and perceived as trustworthy, Drakes got my back even if he doesn’t know who I am.  Drake's relatability in his lyrics when it comes to heartbreak makes us listen more and his Take Care album will always be there when I need it.

Drake's relatable songs allow his fans to connect with him further and grow closer to him. He understands and advances on their positions, struggles and his experience with life. His lyrics in songs like ‘Marvin's Room’, ‘Look What You’ve Done’ and pretty much the entire ‘Take Care’ album pushes on personal feelings and relationships. His voice is strong and like many others, I can  relate to his experience, what makes him stand out is how he immerses us in his expression, we’re not just spectating but we belong to it. Drake has created a change and movement for rappers, artists and anyone to become relatable in expressing their feelings and life stories and we are here for it.

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